Maxxone was established in 2011 as “Maxx Digital”; the company was created to fulfil a demand on the market which was for satellite television spaces. Maxxone has since developed into specialising in network and surveillance. Furthermore, Maxxone offers a range of video surveillance systems and monitors.


Maxxone has a wide range of video surveillance and security systems. Some of the products they have to offer consist of an Analogue camera, 4-in-one dome camera, DVR, IR camera, etc. All Maxxone’s 4-in-one cameras are backwards compatible with most BNC monitors and analogue DVR’s, as well as other brands of AHD, TVI, CVI digital video recorders.

Maxxone also specialises in DVR’s such as: HAWK D8500 series DVR. This DVR is a standalone digital video recorder with H.264 and up to 5MP resolution high definition recording quality. In addition to this, the DVR supports additional IP cameras up to 5MP via network connection.

In addition to this, the HD PIR Camera 4-in-one is compatible with analogue, TVI, AHD or a CVI systems. The HD PIR camera has a superb performance is low light, it has a 3D noise reduction, wide dynamic range, etc. This camera has a discreet design which can be mistaken for a PIR sensor by intruders. Furthermore, Maxxone also specialise in 4-in-one IR Dome Cameras. Maxxone offer a 20M and a 30M dome camera. The 20M can offer a 5MP / 1440 resolution and a 2.8mm fixed lens. To add to this, the 30M camera also carries the same qualities just more advanced, the camera provides a 2.8-12mm manual lens and a 30M IR range. Moreover, both cameras contain a Day & Night mode with a wide dynamic range.

The Starlight 60M IR Camera has a 1080P (2MP) resolution and an IP66 weatherproof. Furthermore, this camera contains a 6mm fixed lens with up to 60m IR range. To conclude the camera has day and night modes, it also can portray full colour in almost complete darkness. The Starlight also has a wide dynamic range with an energy sufficient SMT LEDs.

HD PIR Camera M1A-C125F-PIR

HD PIR Camera


For use with Analogue, AHD, TVI, or CVI systems

4 In One
HD PIR Camera
1080p resolution
3.7mm LENS
OSD Controls

The MaxxOne HD PIR Camera features superior low light performance,

4MP 80M IR PTZ Camera

4MP 80M IR PTZ CameraThis camera has a 360 degrees coverage horizontally and 90 degrees vertically to capture from more angles. Furthermore, this camera is also reliable and at an affordable cost. It has a 4MP resolution and a 18x optical zoom, 4.7mm lens and a day and night mode for the best quality. The camera contains a motorised pan and tilt & zoom.

Starlight 5MP 30M IR Spot Network

Starlight 5MP 30M IR Spot NetworkThe Starlight camera has a 5MP Resolution and a 3.6mm fixed lens for the best picture quality. It also has up to 30M SMT IR range and a IR cut filter. The camera provides a 2D and 3D digital noise reduction with a digital wide dynamic range. The Starlight technology has a superb full colour images in almost complete darkness to get quality picture regardless of the darkness.

Hawk D7500 Series 1080N H.264 DVR

hawkStandalone digital recorder with a H.264 recording compression technology, it supports up to 1080n, 720p or 960H resolution or live view up to HD1080p. Furthermore, it also supports additional IP cameras up to 2MP(1080P) via network connection. It also holds built-in-motion detection option to trigger recording only when there is activity on the screen. Moreover, the free app allows remote monitoring on your smartphone or tablet, in addition to this it also contains live view, playback and event alarm settings to capture all important information.